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Brendan is growing up fast! He has turned his army drag into a bear crawl on his hands and feet. He just can’t be normal! He loves to eat and screams when he is hungry (just like when he was a newborn). Our favorite thing about him is how he loves to cuddle and give kisses. Our least favorite thing is the screaming…it can drive you crazy! He hasn’t caught on to sign language for “more” yet so we just say “more” over and over when he’s screaming for his next bite. Sometimes he screams “Mah!” …Maybe we’re getting somewhere? He has 5 teeth and another coming in. He loves to pull up and scoot around on furniture and get into anything that’s not closed…typical 9 monther. Here are some photos!

June 15

July 15

Soon he’ll be in the double digits! Maybe by then I will have our new camera figured out so I can get some better quality pictures!

Thanks for catching up 🙂