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I am so excited! Taylor is turning two! She has been having so much fun celebrating birthdays now that she is old enough to connect cake with birthdays. She calls birthdays, “happy birthdays”. The past few days I’ve been telling her that her birthday is coming up and today she started saying, “My happy birthday, mine!” Hmm, sounds like a two year old. She wants to sing Happy Birthday before bed and she really wants the cake. We are ready to celebrate but we will be missing our main man, daddy. He has been working his tail-end off at his annual training in Colorado and will miss his baby girl’s birthday. Last year he was deployed so we celebrated her one year birthday when she was about 10 months so he could be there. Since it was in the pre-blog era, here are some pictures:

White chocolate and pink chocolate swirled vanilla cake.

She loved the texture of the cake and squished it up.

Some presents from family and friends

Pony from Nana and Poppop

She was so frightened by the horse and was scared of it for almost a month until she grew accustomed to it. She would force herself to go look at it and would sneak a peek around the corner before she would burst into tears. After enough times of watching Wes ride it, she began to like it.

Our little family

It was a fun day spent with our close friends and family. This year we will wait to celebrate fully until Wes is home. That means tomorrow will only be the beginning of her happy birthday experience. She’ll get to spend tomorrow with some of her favorite people in the world, her grandparents. I can’t wait to rush home from work and see her enjoy her birthday.