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This year Wes has gotten into bow hunting. In fact, on his first morning hunting, he hit a buck! With his car of course…not the bow. The buck lived and we have nothing but a dent in the car to show for it. It’s a nice reminder of the irony of that morning. Anyway, I had to share that story because it is too funny!

I tried to pull back his bow, but no such luck. It is set for a beefy, brawny man. I didn’t think using a fancy bow would be any more fun than my old-school “Lil Sioux” that I picked out at Bass Pro Shop when I was little. Wes was determined to get me to try so he found a used woman’s bow that a friend was selling. I could draw this smaller one back easily and got hooked instantly. A little more practice and maybe I’ll be the one hitting a buck!

bowwesYes, my arrows are pink and awesome. We had so much fun shooting together. It is a quiet alternative to shooting our pistols during nap time which never pans out well.

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas season wherever you are!