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Somehow it has been a whole year and Brendan boy is one!

12 Months!

He started walking right around 12 months and stopped using his gorilla crawl to get around. I love getting to see a more consistent personality as he gets older. His separation anxiety seems to have kicked in and he is much more sensitive when I am away. He is known for his contagious smile for all, even strangers, but especially females.

For his birthday all of our families came over. We were so excited to get to have my brother and sister-in-law from Dallas and my sister-in-law and her husband (and baby-to-be) from Kansas City come. Wes smoked a brisket and chicken for everyone and it was so delicious. He should write a post about smoking meats because he has it down! Here are some action shots:

He loved ripping wrapping paper and making sounds with his new toys.

On his new truck with his new bow tie and his special cousin.

A big smash cupcake and a Dairy Queen ice cream cake from Nana.

Sugar cookies from mommy and daddy. Can you tell Wes is artistic?

Messy babe

Scrub-a-dub Bubba

We are in love with our baby boy. We are so thankful for everyone who invests in his life  and ours to make us better fit as parents.

Happy birthday sweet boy!