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This year for Halloween the kids were Beauty and the Beast. After looking at multiple options, Taylor joyfully decided she wanted to be Belle…or Elmo, or a giraffe, or Cinderella. So we narrowed it down to Belle for her. She was so excited that she wore it to shreds before Halloween came. Because of the type of material, we had to tape it with shipping tape up all of the seams inside. She had the brilliant idea of making Brendan be the Beast to go along with her costume. Her imagination turned her lion suit from last year into a beast, a sweet beast of course.

My mom had major surgery on Halloween so she brought my dad over a few days before to surprise the grandkids. They were a prince and princess. My niece was a princess too and was anxious to make sure her sparkles were staying on her dress the whole evening. It was precious. My nephew was Lighting from Cars. He is Lighting’s biggest fan. My newest nephew was only 2 weeks old and he was a (sleeping) skeleton.


Squinty Smile Belle and her handsome Poppy

On the actual holiday we went to visit my mom in recovery and Wes’s awesome parents joined us to pray over her. Then we went with them to Red Robin. I wish I would have gotten some pictures with them! We went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood and ended up running into some friends. Taylor totally walked into 2 different houses uninvited. She was so excited about all her candy by the end of the night. I was pretty excited about her Reese’s peanut butter cups.

My Beast


My Princess

Here’s a confession: this was the second time I’ve ever trick-or treated! It was so fun, I’m already excited for next year!