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A few weeks ago, on a rare day that I remembered that I have a blog, I almost wrote a post entitled One After Another. When I started keeping track of our lives via this blog, my purpose was to catalog the stories of blessings in our lives. I don’t want to forget how God has orchestrated our lives and used divine timing to get us where we are today. I named the blog forgetting that God uses trials and hardships to bless us in the end and that sometimes the “one after another” might not be things deemed to be good.

We have had good things happen but I didn’t have my eyes open for them and missed opportunities to bask in the goodness those blessings brought at the time they came. I didn’t write because what is on my mind is how the trials keep flowing one after the other and a happy-go-lucky post would hide the current truth. So I thought I would just wait until it all passed and I had uplifting things to report. Well, that was silly because ups and downs are a realistic part of life and since you’ve joined me on this blog, maybe you know downs too.

You may remember when I wrote this post about being so full of questions and emotions about the pain and suffering that goes on in this world that I was becoming brain-dead. C.S. Lewis wrote about this in the Problem of Pain. Why do some people lose so much in this world? Why do some people do such awful things to others. How does someone heal from these traumas? How does someone move past deep grief and live a full life? I thought to myself that our hardships haven’t been life altering like some of those I’ve seen around me. I don’t want to trivialize others’ great losses with my seemingly more slight problems.

Now I’ve come to the conclusion that our problems and sufferings are, in fact, life altering. They may not be what I would deem to be “huge” but they provide us with different choices to make in each of the situations that in the end will alter the course of our lives. Deployments and re-integration after deployments have tested our young marriage. Physical pain and sickness that lead to question whether or not we can have any more bio kids caused us to be truly thankful for the 2 we have and be content to stay at 2. Wes’s battle with multiple bulging discs in his neck and major headaches drained his energy before he even wakes up in the morning. We’ve never had such constant physical pain. Yet we’ve never been more aware of the miracle of our human bodies. Our brains let us know that we’re in pain so that we can attune ourselves to the problem. Our hearts let us know when we have an emotional or spiritual imbalance and challenge us to redirect our actions and thoughts.

Pain, great or small, is a sign that our hearts are still beating. It’s a sign that there is life for one more day. It reveals that we are all human and each encounter the problem of pain. It can direct us to the problem; physically, emotionally and spiritually which can lead to the discovery of a solution. There is hope. There is hope for our bodies, our hearts and our minds.

Thank you Lord for another day. We are fearfully and wonderfully made and take comfort in Your hands. Bring beauty from our pain and solace in our time of need. Thank you for everything that is good, because everything perfect is from above.