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Once again, it has been awhile since I’ve updated! I am jealous of those who remember their blogs and prioritize them. Over the next few days I will catch up on some important holidays and birthdays and special moments. I have a few kid-free, event-free posts that I have saved in my drafts that I just haven’t published…maybe I’ll even finish those! I’ll start my blog-fest off with a post for Taylor.

In July she turned 2! She got to have 2 celebrations because daddy was out of town on her real birthday. On her actual birthday her grandparents on both sides and youngest uncles came to have ice cream cake and open a few presents. She also happened to receive a box from one of my best friends, Risa, who lives in Hawaii. It was full of goodies for both kids and a hula outfit for Taylor.

Birthday celebration #1

When Wes got home we had all the family that could come over for a party.

The Lewis side with miss Taylor

My mom and brother David

This stroller from my brother’s family has been on many walks outside. She was so excited!

More presents!

Her funky smile.

Push-up cake. One was strawberry shortcake with whipped cream and one was brownie with cookie dough.

She loved having her family and playing with her cousins.

Then about a week later some of our friends stopped by to celebrate her birthday. Cindy and I met at work a few years ago and then ended up in the same class for our master’s program. We became close and have remained so since. Wes has gotten to spend some time with her husband, Grant, too. They are expecting so our kids can be friends too! Anway…they stopped by and Taylor was so happy to see “Sinny and Dant.” She found her hula dress and dressed up for them.

She loves her sit-n-spin, although it has become her go-to stool for her to stand on and reach stuff.

She is one blessed little girl! We are so blessed by her. Happy late birthday baby girl!