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I’m not sure what happened, but one day Taylor woke up and suddenly wanted to play dress up and be a ballerina. It is a victory if I can get her to wear normal clothes in public. Actually, it’s a win if we can get her to wear any clothes at all at home. She’s a 2 year old to the bone! She loves her hand-me-down princess dresses and her ballerina tutus from friends and family. After the summer olympics she became especially interested in dancing and gymnastics and I think that sparked her desire to wear costumes.

Nana gave her this full outfit with the cutest slippers.

Then I caught her trying to put on makeup. So I decided to go all out.

I came home from work and Brendan was still napping so it turned in to girl time. She’s like the little sister I never had! Dressing my little brother up like a princess just wasn’t as satisfying.

She danced with daddy to music

And dragged him back on the dance floor when his nasty migraine became too much.

She’s such a mix between girly-girl and tomboy. It’s half-way through the day and she’s still wearing clothes, the same set since this morning! It’s the small things.