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Our little Bubba is 11 months! Actually, he is almost a year in a week, but for one more week he’s 11 months! He is still a cuddler if he’s not on the move. His favorite way to move is his gorilla/bear crawl. Someday I’ll show you a video so you can see it. Almost everywhere we go people say, “Is that normal? Does he always crawl like that?” He has taken a few steps by himself (his longest strides have been toward smiling girls or food…) but he must like his gorilla glide better. He repeats different noises and has started dancing to music. He has begun to notice when we leave or when we head toward the garage door as if we were going to leave.

It is so fun and sometimes difficult to embrace the differences between Taylor and Brendan. Taylor would thrive in a room by herself whereas Brendan would prefer to bring the whole contents of the other room in to where you are to play within vision of you. Taylor liked to be rocked with her arms and legs sprawled out and Brendan loves to put his head on you and cuddle up. Taylor likes food as energy so she can run at 100% until she sleeps and Brendan likes food as a past time because it tastes so good. Taylor takes a few minutes to warm up to new people while Brendan reaches out with a smile and wants anyone to hold him. They are so precious and we feel completely blessed and unworthy to have them.

11 Months – September 15, 2012

He has been sick for a few weeks now with a cold that just won’t go away. He’s had it so long that we’ve each had it once at separate times the whole duration of his cold. I don’t like it! I’m hoping it will clear up by his birthday!

Thanks for stopping by! Here’s some baby lovin’ from Brendan!