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Taylor is talking up a storm here in the Lewis household. Sometimes I have her repeat things so I can hear it twice or have her go tell daddy so he can get a good laugh too. She rejected diapers about a month and a half ago so a lot of her phrases have to do with using the toilet…such a fun topic! Here are some snippets of her conversations:

“I pottied a yittle dip” (I pottied a little bit)

“Brendy, you pooped in your diaper?! Let me check.” She calls Brendan “Brendy” now and she’ll pull back the top of his diaper to check for poop just like I do.

After pooping in the toilet she turned around and got so excited and said, “It’s so pretty!”

She likes to say, “I didn’t mean to” after she toots. I think she picked that up from daddy who likes to play that card on me.

One of my favorite things (besides not spending money on diapers) is the cheerleading we get when we go to the bathroom. She gets so excited and frequently says, “You pottied only in the toilet? Good job, mom!” Sometimes she’ll say, “You underwear dry! It’s dry mommy!”

Our most embarrassing moment was at the store when she stopped and announced to all strangers that there wasn’t any poop in her underwear. That would’ve been fun enough yet she continued and started to pull her pants down and said, face beaming, “you want to smell them, mom, my underwear’s dry! Let’s smell them!” No thank you!

I love hearing her little voice, even when it reveals her obsession with all things potty!