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One kid + one kid = messiness squared. I’m not sure how that math works, but I’ll give you a guarantee that it’s true. By the end of the day, the counters are full of toys Taylor has put out of Brendan’s reach, bills, trash, mail, leftover food, dishes…the list could go on. Sadly the kitchen goes from looking like this:

To looking like this in less than 12 hours:

Notice the dried up apple core to the right alongside the cutting board from last night’s dinner. Coffee cups everywhere. I’ll let you imagine what the rest of the house might look like. If you rang my doorbell this morning, I would have been mortified.

Sometimes I wonder when Taylor’s “helping” will actually help or when I’ll have the motivation to wash the laundry, fold the laundry, do the dishes, make dinner and clean up dinner all in the same day. I get frustrated picking up the same things I picked up this morning, and every day before that. If only cleaning had the same effect of a nice workout or a fulfilling day at work.

Maybe once my mini maniacs get a little older the house will stay picked up for a little longer. But once my babies are more responsible they won’t be babies anymore and I will miss that. In the end, I suppose every phase of life is chaotic in its own way. Every phase of life brings out new flaws and imperfections in us as individuals and as a couple. There is always room for growth. Just like there is always something more to clean. I guess it’s time for me to accept that, and maybe someday I’ll embrace it.

Here’s to a fun-filled day even if I go to sleep with my house turned upside down.