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Wes and I have gotten back into the swing of having more date nights. For one date we went to see the Dark Knight Rises in the balcony at the theatre. We rarely go to movies so sometimes we sit up in the balcony. It was a super fun night. Taylor and Brendan love their babysitter (shout-out to Kristina!! “Stina” as Tay says.) When she walked in Taylor said, “Bye bye mom. Go to work! See ya.” It was so funny. It’s so nice to be away and not worry about the munchkins .

Before going into the movie – had to document our kid-free evening!

Other kid-less nights this summer have been weddings. During these, the kids stayed with Nana and Poppop (Wes’s parents) and uncle Aaron. Taylor loves spending time with them and loves their water fountain in the back yard and their Beauty and the Beast movie. She is in awe of Nana’s Precious Moments collection and this time she got to bring a tiny one home!

Both my cousin and dear friend got married this summer and both weddings were perfect. Wes and I decided to be super cool and match…it was fun!

Our first fancy pairs of shoes. We’ve always gotten knock-off shoes and wished they would have lasted longer. Mine were on an amazing clearance!

The kids came to the reception for my cousin’s wedding and loved playing with their cousins and 2nd cousins. They weren’t so in to the family photo.

At the Cowtown Museum in downtown Wichita for the wedding reception.

I am slowly beginning to like shopping and was so happy to find most of these clothes on sale. I really don’t like spending money which tends to keep me in my clothes from high school. Both dresses were on major sales (70% off baby!) at Von Maur and White House Black Market. It took my mom and a store clerk to convince me to try on different types of clothes but it ended up being so fun. Wes’s blue tie was also 70% off at Banana Republic. I can handle that kind of shopping.

Thanks for stopping by and catching up! It’s been an adventurous summer and we are now ready for some fall date nights!