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In two more months we will be celebrating our baby boy’s first birthday! On one hand, it seems crazy, on the other it seems like he’s been around forever! Not much has changed about our little nugget except his love of food has only increased. I keep food in a bag almost anywhere I go so the general public can be spared from his super girly “I’m hungry” shriek. He covers a lot of territory very fast with his unconventional bear crawl. Lately I can barely keep him seated in the cart at the grocery store. Even while strapped down he manages to wriggle out stand up. He loves playing with toys. One trick I learned from a family I nannied was to fill boxes full of baby toys and let them sift through them and pick and choose. He loves that and spends lots of time emptying his boxes and making noise with all the different toys (and spreading toys throughout the house). He dropped his second nap for about a week, but much to my joy he has taken it back up. He is a little charmer and has certainly charmed me!

Our little prince at 10 months

Here’s some snuggly love from Brendan!