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Last time I shared some of the things Taylor was saying she was just beginning to put some words together. Now she is a little talking machine. Of course Wes and I understand her better than the general public, but she is sure on a roll!

Some of the funniest things she says are to Brendan such as: Knock it off!…Wake up!…Stop, Bubba, Stop…It’s okay, brudder, it’s okay…Here’s your blanket.

One of her most used phrases when she doesn’t want to do something, such as take a nap is “Don’t want it”, or “Don’t like it”.

The older she gets the more things she repeats from us. My favorite thing she does lately is comfort herself like we would when we ask her to be patient. For instance, a few weeks ago she wanted to fly a kite and I told her that we could fly it when daddy got home from work. She got really sad and said, “Not now, Taylor, not now. Fly a kite later, Taylor.” She also tells herself, “Wait, Taylor, Wait!” and “Patient, Taylor!” When she is upset and whining she now sends herself to her room. When she is done crying she’ll say, “All done whining.” Sometimes she’ll send herself to her room if she disobeys and says, “Go to rooom, Taylor.” It is pretty funny and she’s able to calm herself down. She has also begun saying, “Oh. My. Dosh.” Apparently she has caught on to how I say oh my gosh. If that’s the worst of the phrases she parrots I think we’ll be happy!


Here she put on her “cow boots” and said, “Take picture, Mommy.”

She loves to sing and when she doesn’t know the words, she makes them up. She sings, “Jesus loves me, this I know, pah dee dee dee dee dee dee doh….” She likes to sing the ABC’s and the only letter she can point out on paper is the letter K. She knows my name is Katherine, except she says Taffrin, and she knows Wes’s name. When asked what Brendan’s name is she always says, “Bubba.”

I love hearing more of what she is thinking. My little baby is growing up!