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In the spring, our family caught up on two events that were very special to us. First, I got baptized! When I was about 12 I was baptized in my family’s church with a sprinkling of water. I had accepted Jesus as my Savior a few years earlier and wanted to make my commitment public. After marrying Wes, I started going to his church. I think that Wes being gone so long caused me to rely on church, the sermons and community more than I realized. During his second deployment I joined a small group and got plugged in a little more. River was a huge source of my prayer support and has consistently challenged me toward growth. In order to become a member, I needed to be baptized by submersion. I believe that I was truly baptized as a young girl and used the second baptism as a way to commit in front of my new church as a member of their community. The coolest thing about that event is that Wes got to baptize me! I loved it because Wes has been a huge part of my spiritual growth since he entered my life. He knows me warts and all and still wanted to baptize me. It was an exciting day that a lot of my family/in-laws got to witness. 

The second awesome event was also at River. It was baby dedications! Although Taylor really isn’t a baby anymore, it was the first dedication day that we were together for. By the time we got around to dedicating her, Brendan came along, so they got dedicated together! They were both prayed over and the church committed to being a part of their lives spiritually. 


After the kiddos were dedicated

We love being a part of a supportive, challenging, and consistently loving community. We will definitely need all of that as we raise our little tykes (and raise each other).