Although we’ve had a full calendar lately, we haven’t been doing anything too out of the ordinary. Some days are just like the others and some are a kind of their own.

I still chase these squeezable loves around.

These two are too funny to watch interact.

I still spend some time away at work in a workplace that permeates hope throughout the community. I still have two very helpful helpers while I get ready for work.

The most out of the ordinary that we’ve experienced in the past few weeks was our first trip to the ER. After Brendan toppled over on the wood floor and cried a nice long period of time and woke up frequently crying at night, we called the on-call nurse for our pediatrician. Since the crying at night wasn’t normal, she told us to take him to the ER. Of course by the time we got there and checked in he was out cold and completely comfortable sleeping. We had to wake him up and he kept falling back asleep sitting up. Thankfully, he was perfectly fine and I’m glad we went just to make sure.

On that night, I made an awesome mom mistake. I got Brendan’s birthday wrong. When the nurse asked his birthday, I said it was in 2012. She asked if I meant 2011 and I responded, “No, 2012” with an inward chuckle. How would she know my kid’s birthday better than me? Then she said, “It’s only June in 2012, so he wouldn’t be born yet if it’s 2012.” Yes, my child is born in 2011. I can’t tell you how many places I have put that he is born in 2012.

Also out of the ordinary is that I have folded our laundry TWO weeks in a row. If you think I have all my ducks in a row, think again. I love the mom part of staying at home, but, I don’t really flourish at the task portion.

I guess I can handle one afternoon of folding instead of snuggling. Only one.

And last, something new in the past few weeks is Brendan’s moving abilities. He drags himself everywhere with his own version of the army crawl. He is also now pulling up to stand. He hasn’t learned how to sit back down yet, but that will come.

He loves to stand and chew on that strand.

A few strange days adds some spice to our lives. One thing I have learned is that with kids, you can never know what your day will truly look like until you put your head on the pillow and look back at it. Add crawling/running kids to that and I’m not even sure I remember the full day we had when I put my head on the pillow.