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The other day I was working out with Taylor (which means I was working out and Taylor  was running around doing her version of the workout). When I got to the twelfth rep, I said “Twelve!” really loud (because I barely made it to 12…) I hear a tiny voice behind me go “Birteen!” I was kind of surprised and wasn’t sure if she really said thirteen or not so I asked her say “thirteen.” Sure enough she said, “birteen.”

Taylor can count and we didn’t even know it! Although we say numbers and she listens to songs that count, we never had her recite them. I have gotten a good kick out of her counting to us. Enjoy this video of her counting with daddy.

I am sure some others who watch Taylor have contributed to her new skill; thank you to whoever snuck those numbers in her head!

I better go as Taylor just put a colored pencil down the air vent.