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This summer is special for us. Wes isn’t coming home from a deployment or leaving for one. I’m not super pregnant. We’re not in school or busy with an internship. We’re just home! Now’s the time when we find out how we handle the mundane.

We are having a lot of fun already this summer and most of it revolves around the great outdoors. One thing I am SO excited about is going bike riding. A few posts ago, I told you how Wes can’t keep gifts secret. My birthday is in mid June and of course I already know what I’m getting…and have already received it. Wes picked out an awesome bike and trailer to pull the kids and it is so fun!

On our second ride of the day

Safety first! I can’t look at them without laughing.

Miss Taylor likes to butt heads with other helmet wearers.

This helmet is for Taylor’s age but it won’t even push down on her super large head. She has to wear a bigger toddler size. She was passed down a Berry sized head!

Taylor loves to mow!

It’s hard work!

Mustache chick all dressed up

Our re-creation of Dairy Queen’s Confetti Blizzard. So. Good.

Tonight we’ll go to sleep easily after a long summer day ending with too much ice cream for our poor tummies.