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Brendan is seven months old already! He is such a special baby boy to us and we are so blessed to have been given him. At 7 months he has started to become even more vocal. His favorite thing to say is “ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!” as long as he can. Taylor used to sing “la la la la la” sweet and quietly…Brendan growls and roars. He has also started to scoot. He gets up on his toes and sticks his bottom in the air and bear crawls where he wants to go. It’s pretty fun to watch. He has grown more attached to blankets and still loves to cuddle. I’ve rocked him to sleep twice this week which is an art he had lost for a while. I love holding him while sleeping and love that he stays asleep once I lay him down. That is one thing I never tried with Taylor and wish now I would have because I love those moments so much.

Happy 7 months, Bubba!

May 15, 2012

Annnnddd he’s off…

Before church on Mother’s Day

Did I mention he loves to hold socks in his mouth?

This belly’s been in the making for 7 months!

Happy middle-of-the week!