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I have so many things to be thankful for as I start this week and thought I’d share some with you.

I am thankful for how much Wes loves his babies and how much his babies love him.

As we speak, Wes is making Taylor jump through hoops to get some candy. Not literally, of course, although that would be fun. He is making her turn around, sit down, touch her toes, stand up, run around, jump…all before he’ll give her a tiny piece of candy. She’s so obedient for sweets!

I am thankful for Taylor’s sense of humor that lightens up any day.

This morning I was warming up a sweet potato for Taylor and she started to get impatient because she was “hunni!!!” I told her to wait and that I was cooking her a sweet potato. Taylor got really excited and yelled “Sweeping Taylor!” Apparently since she gets called “Potato” every now and then she thinks potato means Taylor. Oops!

I am thankful for this cuddle bug! Watching him develop never gets old!

I am so thankful for my job. I get to meet with such courageous people and work with amazingly gifted and uplifting co-workers. Even though I go home with a full, exhausted brain, it is such a blessing.

I am grateful for friends who willingly accept me (and my young ones) no matter what kind of day we are having.

Finally, I have such a fun extended family on both sides! We ran the Warrior Dash on Saturday and celebrated my little bro’s graduation on Sunday. I can’t believe it’s May already; slow down, time!

That’s my warrior man and his warrior wife. Yeah!

Hoping for some rest this week; we are tired here!

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to share some blessings!