We so enjoy watching Taylor and Brendan interact. Brendan is enthralled with his sister and spends lots of time just watching her. Taylor has learned to help baby proof and takes things from him that we don’t let him have. She is learning to share her toys with him and so far she will let him play with anything but her pink shopping cart and her blanket. He laughs a lot on account of her and she thinks she is super cool when she makes him smile. Taylor also thinks that Brendan should be in every room that we are in so if we begin to leave a room, she’ll go grab his arms and start to drag him. “Breeda! Breeda tum!” Translated means, “Brendan come!” When we are about to get in the car, she almost always tries to pick up his car seat and says “It’s heavy.” She’s always afraid we’re going to leave him behind.

Here are some fun pictures of the young ones together.

Taylor popped into Brendan's six month photos

When I told her to sit with him, she sat in his lap. Nice.

Little munchkins.

They are a funny mix and I’m sure they have lots of tricks up their sleeves for us as they grow!