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Man, I am behind on the blog! There’s a lot to catch up on and we’ll start with our (not so) little man. Brendan is six months old; how crazy is that?! We went to his 6 month check-up with the doctor this afternoon. I got to go alone with Brendan this time because Taylor was at home with a high fever. This meant only one baby crying about shots instead of one baby and one sympathetic toddler shedding monster tears. We did miss our little helper but it was fun to be out with just me and my man.

Waiting to see the doctor for his check-up. He has no idea what he's getting in to!

Brendan is a hefty 19 lbs and 27 inches. Surprisingly that is just under the 70th percentile mark. There are some extra hefty babies out there! He has two teeth on the bottom and four that are making their way down on the top. The doctor asked if he ever has dry clothes on due to the constant drooling and spitting up he was exhibiting.

We love sneaking in to watch him sleep. He loves to cuddle his blankets!

At six months, there are obvious differences between Taylor and Brendan. When Taylor was teething, we didn’t know until she gnawed on our fingers and we felt the teeth. With Brendan, he gives us fair warning that they are coming and mourns their appearance for days. Getting immunizations are the same; Taylor cried during the shots and stopped immediately. Brendan cried for a long time and was so sad! Overall, Brendan is a lot more verbal than Taylor at this age.

Poor little prince was brokenhearted after his shots.

Some things I love about Brendan at this stage: the way he watches us when we walk around the house and randomly smiles while watching us, how he grabs our faces and pulls us in for kisses (or maybe to chew on our noses…), how he rocks back and forth on Β his knees with his bottom in the air. I love his blue eyes and the little curls that are forming. Even though I can’t successfully rock him to sleep very frequently anymore, I love how much he likes to cuddle.

Some things that Wes says is that “he is unbelievably cute because of his expressions and his loud screams of joy. He also likes physical attention, unlike Taylor.” Wes is a great daddy and has a strong connection with his babies.

See that curl that looks like a mohawk? Super cute!

I am shocked that it’s been six months! We love you little bubba!

P.S. I should mention that Wes’s awesome photography skills should not be held accountable for these photos…they are all taken by me which totally explains the lack of quality πŸ™‚