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Wes and I have so much fun listening to Taylor’s vocabulary bloom. I’m a little sad when I hear her perfect words that she used to say wrong…she’s growing up! A-a has become “apple”…o-o has become “open” and more. Here are some of Taylor’s favorites to say:

Where my blanket go? = where’d my blanket go?

Pute! He pute! = Puke! He puked! Or she’ll say “Breda pute!” We hear this with every spit up.

Sfoom = spoon

She loves to eat with a spoon all by herself. Makes for a messy time!

Had it = means she wants to have something or she wants me to have something… for example, when she sneakily picks a booger and hands it to me and says “had it?”

Peenoo bunna = peanut butter

I don wan it = I don’t want it. She says this when she doesn’t want something or doesn’t want you to do something, like take a picture…or shoot a nerf gun near her

She didn't want this picture taken of her with 13 headbands on...

Daddy mowin side = daddy mowing outside. She says this when she hears anyone mowing, whether it’s daddy or a stranger. She loves to go be outside with daddy so much that when he brought her in once she threw a fit saying, “My outside! Mine!” while pointing at herself. It was hard not to laugh at that one!

She would love to go outside all the time. And, as you can tell, her sense of fashion is totally cool 🙂

Tolor peez, yeah = color please. She loves to color and for whatever reason, she has attached a “yeah” at the end of her please. I think she is trying to give us the answer she wants to hear.


Udder shoe? = other shoe? When we put on one shoe she anxiously wants the next shoe on too. A couple of weeks ago we got her the cutest little church shoes and she loves them so much! Her toes are “peent” instead of pink.

I love those little legs and toesies!

Some other words/phrases she likes to say are raining, driving, cleaning, baby crying, baby sleeping, laundry, helping, hungry (she still says “hunni, hunni hippo”), apple, eat it, walk (she says this rain or shine because she loves to go on walks), Taylor play. She attaches some noises to words, such as, “slide – weee!” and “trash truck – whoa!” Sometimes her language is still a mystery to us, but it’s so fun to try and decipher it.

Thanks for catching up; have a great week!