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It has been a long few weeks at the Lewis household. We have been inside a lot more than normal due to the week-long-stay of rain. Taylor loves the rain (she must have gotten that from her momma) but she hasn’t been able to play in it 24/7 as she might have it. We have resorted to desperate measures to have some fun. Enter the spider. For Christmas in 2010, my little brother (who shall not remain nameless), David, drew Wes’s name and bought him remote control spider. Size-wise it is way bigger than the size of my hand. It reminds me of this real spider in Arizona where my awesome friend moved to. It’s no wonder Taylor is freaked out by it. Since the moment she first saw it, she has trembled.

See - it's disgusting AND it's legs move like a real spider.

Well, in the past few days, Wes has reintroduced the spider into Taylor’s (and my) nightmares. He has hidden the spider so that we will happen on it when we least expect it. The worst was when he hid it under Taylor’s covers. When I pulled them back I grabbed Taylor and jumped out of her bed all while screaming at the top of my lungs. Wes also had the remote hidden in his hand so it crawled at us as I discovered it. I screamed so loud I had both kids crying. It took at least an extra 5 minutes to tuck Taylor in and convince her there weren’t anymore massive spiders (schpidas as Taylor would say) under her covers. Let’s not forget that when I asked Taylor what song she wanted to sing, Wes suggested “The Itsy Bitsy Spider.” That night I hid it under Wes’s pillow and got him back a little bit. Last night Taylor asked where the schpida was and being the smart, caring parents that we are, we told her in was on her head. SO not the smart thing to do. All up until bedtime, she was grabbing her hair and yelling “Schpida! Schpida!” She woke up this morning saying the spider was in her hair. I keep telling her the spider is outside sleeping. I wish it was outside in the trash can!! I thought growing up and moving away from 3 brothers would save me from all those practical jokes…

I promise we are not 100% conniving. While stuck inside, we have done some fun stuff too. Taylor has played a lot with some picture cards and shown us that she knows a lot more words than we knew that she knew. Brendan has spent most of his time rolling across the house right up to wherever Taylor is playing. Yesterday Taylor and Brendan got to play with their cousins, which Taylor thoroughly enjoyed. I got to play dress up with my little niece and have a dance/gymnastics party. Tay’s not into dress-up yet, but she is quite the dancer. This morning we did our weekly run to the commissary for groceries and Taylor scored a free cookie from the baker who thought she had “such a sweet look of innocence.” Sweet look, yes. Innocence? We’re working on that.

Here are some pictures from our indoor fun:

Father and Son

Taylor watching the rain

Wearing daddy's air-force-issued-hott-and-spicy glasses

I can barely set him down to get pictures! I just want to squeeze him!

Worn out after helping me unload groceries

Today I am surprising Wes with some homemade cookies. I have gotten better at cooking since his deployment and I don’t think Wes minds! When he was gone, I took the time to learn new recipes so that if they were awful Wes wouldn’t have to suffer. I made these yummy Toasted Coconut Chocolate Chunk Cookies and the house smells perfect. The only thing I don’t like about them is that the recipe only made about 20 cookies and 20 cookies containing coconut will probably only last 2, maybe 3, days around here.  When the oven beeped that they were done, Taylor (who was supposed to be napping) yelled from her bed, “Hunni, Hunni, Happo!” She sure has been eating like a hungry, hungry, hippo lately.

The sun is popping through the clouds as I write. Maybe soon we won’t have to resort to such shrewd fun around here 🙂