Top 5 Ways to Feel Like You’re in Shape

This is not a Pinterest-worthy 5 steps of “How to Look Your Best.” This is merely what a mother of two young ones does to boost her ego.

1. Don’t buy the extra-light-weight jogging stroller. During a run when it feels really hard, remind yourself that your stroller is extra heavy and your kids are even heavier…so you must be in shape.

The only 50+ of extra pounds I'd be happy to carry!

2. Let your dog get out of shape. Want to feel fast? Forget to work out your dog so that when you do take him out, he lags behind. Nothing makes me feel faster than being able to wear Bennett out.

Ty was the best dog to run with because he was so lazy 🙂

3. Carry all the groceries in at once. I hate making multiple trips with bags while trying to keep Taylor inside. The solution? Load your arms all the way up to the shoulders with your bags. Add some calf raises before you unload. Kidding…I’ve never tried the calf raises. Too bad I don’t have a picture of this one!

4. Save all your chores for one day. Once I get on the chore roll, I am stuck for hours. The problem is that I’d rather spend my hours playing with Taylor and Brendan or outside reading…or anything else really, so I don’t get on cleaning sprees very often. Put on some work out clothes and call it a work out!

Who'd want to clean when you can goof around with these guys?

5. Train for something. This might just be the only serious of my 5 ways! It does a great job of making me feel like I am in shape.  I am not up to my pre-babies speed yet, but thankfully that’s not my first post-babies goal.

After a 10K with my dad. I miss those days!

Some days you have to be imaginative so you can see just how in shape you really are! What crazy things make you feel in shape?