I think Taylor is already partial to men in uniform. Well, let me rephrase that: I think she might be partial to ONE man in particular…Daddy. She has always been pretty responsive to people that she sees that are in uniform. She waves to them and smiles. Only lately has she started to become a little obsessed.

We shop for groceries on base. The commissary is towards the back of the base and we enter the base through a distant entrance. That means a longer drive across base…and a greater chance of seeing more men in uniform. The problem is that Taylor seems to think that every man wearing green camouflage is Daddy! One day, we made it half way across base when Taylor noticed a man walking on the sidewalk. She got so excited and started yelling, “Hi, Daddy! Daddy! DADDY!” When we passed the man she freaked out and started crying unconsolably. She kept repeating, “No, daddy. Mommy no Daddy!” I don’t fully understand her language, but I would venture a guess that she thought I left daddy behind. I found it pretty cute, a little sad, and very funny. We made it all the way in to the commissary before she found her next “daddy”. She waved profusely and yelled “Hi, Daddy! Hi” while looking at me like, “aren’t you excited too?!” The man turned around and smiled and moved on. That’s when I realized it was going to be a long shopping trip. Her excitement turned to frustration at about the third “daddy” and her frustration turned to sadness soon after. That was a rough trip. Luckily, today at the commissary daddy made a surprise visit since he was near the building. Or maybe not so lucky if Taylor believes daddy will always pop out of the frozen section.

On another note, here are some photos of our baby girl lately. She has been a lot of fun as she grows into toddlerhood. Since Wes and his photoshop skills are gone, I can’t treat you to a fancy collage, so enjoy scrolling through some fun times!

Getting ready for church

Enjoying coconut frozen yogurt

Still trying to eat off of the cool empty spoons

Tasting whipped cream for the 1st time

Playing in Mommy's jewelry

Ta Da!

She would rather sort the colors in the box than color

She sure is growing up! Thanks for tuning in and have a great weekend up ahead!