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You’ve seen a lot of Taylor, heard from Wes and I and seen some of our adventures, but where is Brendan? It is time for his big debut! Over the next few weeks I’ll bring you up to speed on his short little life and tell you about his dramatic entrance into this world.  Definitely a story to look forward to! In the mean time, here is a little about our little boy at four months.

Big Belly Brendan

Brendan weighs in at 15 and a half pounds. He is above average in height and below average in head size. His personality is sensitive and expressive. He loves to be cuddled, looked at, and interacted with. I love when I get to hold him. Taylor was and is very independent and was most happy laying or sitting on her own so it is fun to have the opposite. He likes soft music and gets scared at loud noises or singing. He loves to eat. I mean, he LOVES food. He can down a nice 9 ounce bottle and smack his lips like it was nothing. He ate his first bit of cereal today and he was a natural. I think he’ll be good at anything involving filling his belly.

As he gets older, he loves to sit up or stand in his exersaucer. He likes to be in close proximity to people and especially likes to be in viewing distance. He makes a lot of noises and loves to “talk” back and forth with us. I love getting to experience that as well. Taylor was pretty quiet compared to this little man. One thing I could do for hours is watch him sleep. He falls asleep in my arms in just a few moments and has learned to sleep well on his own.

The hardest or most stressful characteristic of Brendan at this age is his high hunger level. When he is hungry he can get very upset and unconsolable. He is happy when full! When I asked Wes what his thoughts about Brendan are, he said…”He is fun because he smiles all the time and is easy-going.” He reminded me how much Brendan has improved in the past two months. We had a rough first two months as we learned what makes him content.

After worrying about how life would change with Brendan’s arrival, I am so thankful that God has brought us to where we are now…all four of us. God made it obvious to us from the moment we found out that we had number two on the way (SURPRISE!) that he wanted Brendan in our lives and that He was and is in control of all the small details because He cares so much. Each big gummy grin from our little man reminds us of that!

Have a great day and thanks for catching up!