It has been more like a Valentine’s Week in our household. It started last Thursday when Wes decided to give Taylor her gift early. You see, Wes is one of those people…the ones who can’t keep a gift much longer than the drive it takes to bring a gift home from the store. He is also the type that agrees that we won’t buy each other Christmas gifts then gets me stuff anyway. I love this about him because it is so different from me and it feels so spontaneous. Anyway, Wes got her a mini drum set and a monkey box full of animal crackers. The problem was that she wanted to eat her crackers and play the drums and couldn’t decide which was more important. It was pretty cute to watch her jam. Here’s a video of little miss having a jam fest.

Since I hadn’t gotten Wes anything for Christmas (and felt really bad since he was a stinker and got me a gift), I decided to splurge a little and Valentine’s Day was the perfect excuse to give him my gift. I like to keep my gifts nice and hidden and build up the anticipation. That didn’t pan out so well this holiday. I was so excited when the UPS man delivered his gift right before Wes drove in from work. I had a chance to hide it and not give it away! The next morning I wake up and I’m still excited that I’m so awesome and he won’t even be able to guess what I got him…Until he tells me that he knows what I got him. How does he know? Well, I told him in my sleep. And here I thought he was the only one who talks in his sleep. So he got his gift on Friday.

Oh, and here's chubby cheeks #2 since he hasn't really had an appearance lately

Then, Wes decided that since Valentine’s Day was going to be a week long effort in our house, I might as well open my gift! He had gotten some fancy baking accessories so we could make fancy sugar cookies for Valentine’s Day. It was so fun and they turned out really cool. Of course Taylor appreciated our hard work and all day Saturday we kept catching her climbing on the table to try and sneak a “tootsie.” In fact, she loved them so much she devoted a whole bedtime prayer to them. It went a little something like this – Wes said “Dear” (Dee) Jesus (Cheechu), Thank you (tay yoooooo) for (fo) this (di) day (daay). I (EYE!) love (lu) mommy (mommy!) and (na) daddy (dadda!) and (na) Brendan (Breeda!) and (na) cookies (TOOTSIE!) and (tootsie!) Nana (TOOTSIE?) and (tootsie?) Mia (TOOTSIE?) and (tootsie)… You get the point. She was very thankful for the tootsies.

They tasted better than any sugar cookies I’ve ever made before. Let’s just say that the cookies are all gone and the bright colors that I ate this weekend did not come from fruits and vegetables. In the end, I’m glad we celebrated early as we are under the weather this week anyway. Our little tootsie monster is a very sick little princess right now 😦

To all you readers, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love from the Lewises!