On January 30th, Taylor officially turned 18 months! It is so hard to believe it’s already been a year and half, yet in some ways it feels like longer. For now I’ll focus on her at a year and a half then sometime in the near future I’ll share more memories from the pre-blog days.

Taylor has a ton of nicknames. Tay Tay, Potato (by her uncle Jon), plain old “Tay”, Baby Girl, Princess, and….Chicken Nugget. I wish there was an explanation for that one, but Wes and I don’t remember where it came from. All we know is someone (I wholeheartedly believe it was Wes, I mean who calls someone a chicken nugget?) started it as a nickname. In fact, sometimes she gets the honor of being called “Chicken Princess.” Cheesy, but cheesy is part of being a Lewis!

Taylor has come through a shy stage in which she used to glare at anyone she didn’t know. Now she warms up to people more quickly. She LOVES to run and climb.  According to Wes, she is “a spaz, an explorer, sensitive and…really cute. And strong.” She cracks herself up and spends a lot of time reading books to herself in her own little language. She is currently looking at pictures with Wes and yelling family member’s names. She whispers certain words every time she says them, such as “peez” (please). Miss Taylor also loves her baby brother. It is hard to distinguish between the way she says Brendan, blanket and Bennett (the dog). To add to it, sometimes she calls him Brother…which sounds exactly like the other three words.

I have loved being Taylor’s mommy and Wes loves being her daddy. It is crazy how much an 18 month old can teach you about yourself…that would be a whole new post!  In Wes’s words, “I don’t know what I’d do without her. It’s definitely fun to come home to her saying “daddy!” Here are some pictures of our not-so-baby girl at 18 months:

Taylor with her bath toys on like bracelets

Taylor loves wearing jackets; she thinks they are so cool!

Taylor trying to grab her dolphin from the tub and toppling in


Taylor playing her drum set - her early Valentine from her daddy

Thanks for stopping in and celebrating Taylor’s half birthday with us!