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Hello again! As Taylor is getting older, she is able to say a lot more words. It is really fun to hear her tiny voice and especially fun to be able to understand more of what she is saying. Within the past few days she has started to string together some words that actually make sense! Her first sentence has been “daddy go wo” or “mommy go wo” which translated means “daddy go work”. She says her new phrase basically anytime one of us leaves the room or goes outside. I also love when Wes comes home how she yells “Daddy!” as she’s watching out the front window. Even when I come home from work she yells “Daddy!” when she hears the door open.

Wes and his babies

I love the end of the day when we all get to be together after days full of sock monkeys going in the toilet, baby laughs, extra large diapers, books being read 14 times over and lots of kisses!